In spite of its compact dimensions, the SUN ANGEL DUO 600 is impressive at first sight. The fascinating design and impressive LED Light Show including LED Interior Light ensure a magical appeal. The extensive comfort fittings incl. NFC Connect, Air Condition, Aqua Fresh & Aroma and 3D Sound set new standards in the compact class.

The variable UV spectrum ensures not only an outstanding tanning performance, but also a wide range of biopositive effects of sunlight. Thanks to Duo Select, your customers can choose how to enjoy the  sun. Whatever tanning programme your customers choose, the skin sensor ensures the reliable prevention of sunburn. 

Discover the attractive entry level in the world of sensor-save tanning! 

  • Skin sensor

    The  SUN ANGEL knows how much UV your customers' skin can currently tolerate. The skin sensor is therefore the key to the individual tanning programme. The intelligent sensor measures the personal UV sensitivity of the skin and emits precisely the amount of UV power that the skin can tolerate at that time. This prevents sunburn reliably!

    The  SUN ANGEL DUO is a further development of the  SUN ANGEL. The improved skin sensor delivers even more precise results and makes the measurement system even simpler. Calibration is no longer required.

    • Improved skin sensor
    • Simpler handling
    • Even more precise measurements
    • Colourful feedback
  • Duo Select

    The variable UV spectrum of the SUN ANGEL DUO offers various bio-positive effects of sunlight. Your customers can choose how to enjoy the sun:


    • Tanning exclusively with type B lamps
    • With the UV spectrum necessary for vitamin D synthesis
    • Build-up of indirect pigmentation
    • Only a minimal UV dose – without a directly visible tan
    • Only very gentle skin tanning even with intensive use


    • Optimum utilisation of tanning-effective spectral components
    • Immediately visible direct pigmentation through UV-A
    • Build-up of a long-lasting tan
    • Increased natural light protection – the UV dose is regularly increased
    • Intelligent UV mix for proven vitamin D build-up

    *Maximum UV dose – always without the risk of sunburn

  • UV-Technology

    The SUN ANGEL ensures excellent tanning results without any risk of sunburn. At the same time, it also offers your customers the biopositive effects of UV. Unlike natural sunlight and other sunbeds, the UV spectrum of the SUN ANGEL is individual. The intelligent interaction of UV-A and UV-B improves the utilisation of tanning-effective spectral components, and at the same time prevents sunburn.

    • Body: Individual Performance (42 x 200W*) 
    • Face: Ultra Performance Plus (4 x 400W* +  3 x 8W)
    • 0.3 Optimized Performance

    * Maximum output

  • Design

    First impressions count. With the SUN ANGEL, it's love at first sight. Subtle light effects and selected colours from the sun spectrum ensure a unique lighting ambience. The LED Light Show immerses the entire room in sunshine colours.

    • Colour of the appliance: Heavenly White
    • LED Light Show with over 800 High Performance LED´s
    • Choose from selected colours and light effects
    • LED Interior Light: Brightly lit interior
  • Komfort

    A full range of standard fittings make tanning in the SUN ANGEL DUO 600 an unforgettable experience. It encompasses everything that makes the sunshine so pleasant. Invite your customers to an unforgettable sunshine experience!

    • Air Condition Plus
    • Comfort Cooling Plus
    • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
    • New Multi Relax base
    • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • 3D Sound incl. Voice Guide, Smartphone connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • Handling

    Quality comes from an extensive range of settings and heavenly simple operation. Many new features ensure that the handling is easier than ever before for you and your customers!

    • NFC Connect
    • Personal Comfort for customers
    • Voice Guide
    • Skin sensor with colour support.