A full range of standard fittings make tanning in the SUN ANGEL an unforgettable experience. It encompasses everything that makes the sunshine so pleasant. And so the 20 minute tanning session becomes a short relaxing break for your customers.

AQUA FRESH: Aqua Fresh provides wonderful refreshment. With separate nozzles in the head and body areas, Aqua Fresh sprays a fine fragrant mist like a subtle and cooling shower on the skin. An extra blast of freshness during tanning!

AROMA: The Aroma function will ensure that your customers enjoy their tanning session with all their senses. The interior and booth are filled with a subtle fragrance on request. The pleasant aroma also neutralises the typical smell of UV after tanning. 

CLIMATRONIC / AIR CONDITIONING: Climatronic or air conditioning guarantee a refreshing tanning experience. As well as currents of air in the tanning tunnel, the base is also kept pleasantly cool. Climatronic allows the ideal temperature to be selected to suit personal preferences - the climate control system maintains a constant temperature during the entire tanning session.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED BASE: The Multi Relax base with integrated headrest, comfortable arm moulds and variable foot supports guarantees the best possible comfort. The special ergonomics not only make tanning particularly relaxing, they also reduce the typical white pressure points on the shoulders and buttocks. The wide Bodyform Plus base in the SUN ANGEL DUO 600 also guarantees a relaxing tanning experience with its integrated headrest.

3D SOUND: 3D sound ensures perfect entertainment! As well as internal music and studio channels, the customer's own Smartphone can also be plugged in. The "Auto Play" function means that the play-back device is automatically recognised. It couldn't be easier! During the tanning session, the volume is automatically adjusted to the level of background noise - for limitless music enjoyment.

BLUETOOTH CONNECT: Every customer can enjoy his own favorite playlist with the new Bluetooth® Connect.

PERSONAL COMFORT WITH NFC CONNECT: NFC Connect means that your customers' comfort settings can be saved on a customer card in seconds. On their next visit, the sunbed user simply holds their membership card in front of the NFC field and the sunbed will be set precisely to their own personal preferences.

CONTROL CENTER: With the SUN ANGEL DUO 1400, the new Control Centre makes it easy to select a personalised tanning programme. This is where all the comfort functions can easily be adjusted. For an especially relaxing tanning session!