Unlike natural sunlight and other sunbeds, the UV spectrum of the SUN ANGEL is individual. The intelligent interaction of UV-A and UV-B improves the utilisation of tanning-effective spectral components, and at the same time prevents sunburn.

Three factors are vital for the outstanding tanning performance of the SUN ANGEL with Individual Performance technology. Existing pigments tan faster, which means that the direct tanning effect happens sooner than with standard sunbeds. In addition, the SUN ANGEL builds up new pigment faster. And because you can tan for 20 minutes without the risk of sunburn, the time for pigment colouring is maximised. With the new Individual Performance technology, the tanning performance on the body has been increased by a further 20% compared with previous models.

With every SUN ANGEL session, the light protection of the skin increases so that the UV dose can be raised continuously. For an attractive, long-lasting tan. In addition to a beautiful tan, the SUN ANGEL also offers positive health benefits. It has been proven to activate the vitamin D required for many body functions.