Sensor TechnologY

The SUN ANGEL knows how much UV your customers' skin can currently tolerate. Because individual UV sensitivity depends not only on the skin type, but also on the various tanning degrees of the skin. The intelligent skin sensor has been used millions of times all over the world in the past five years. The further development of this photo-electric precision instrument enables distinctly improved handling. The light pressure point and ergonomic shape make the sensor even easier to use. The easy cleaning of the new measurement head has also been proven by extensive testing in heavy-duty, routine salon applications. Especially positive: Internal validation eliminates the need for calibration by the salon staff. Extensive studies conducted by a skin physiological institute prove its high measurement accuracy.

Personal UV sensitivity is measured on the forehead and on the lightest part of the body. The SUN ANGEL calculates an individual UV dose from the measurement values. Complete analysis of the skin condition takes less than ten seconds and provides protection against sunburn with sensor control. When the sensor is not used, the SUN ANGEL emits only the statutory dose for an initial tanning session.

Taking measurements is now even easier: The intelligent Voice Guide and the feedback provided by different colours also support operation.